Moutain, Hill, Climbing

Từ trường học đến đường đời

Today sharing with the freshman of PR faculty:
🍀 First things first, Know yourself.
🍀 Understand the prioritized options.
🍀 Know the pathway to the goal.
🍀 Stay strong to fall down and fly up.
🍀 What to prepare after graduating: good attitude and your experimence.
🍀 How to avoid peer pressure: no need to avoid. Accept that as the fact & figure. Then focus on your SWOT. And you will have no time to care/stare at other’s weakness/strength.
In short:
Ask yourself what you want to become then what weapon you need to equiq and who can help you out. Finally, always have the plan B.
And, above all, make a move! Not a planner/dreamer.

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